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Hi and welcome. The Life-Long Learning Connection (3LC) site provides information on resources and services available to individuals and organizations to enhance life-long learning. Our resources and services are all inter-related to support learning for youth and adults. Our goals are:
- to prepare youth and adults to be successful in a changing global world.
- to equip youth and adults with a new skill set to navigate life and careers.

The basis for all our work is that reading and life-long learning are the foundation for success in careers and life. Our site provides an overview of the services and resources we provide. Please contact us for further information to determine how we can support your need to develop people and organizations through life-long learning.

Life-long Learning Lasts

Why life-long learning?
Because life-long learning lasts. In a time of rapid innovation and constant change, learning is the vehicle that enables people to stay current and marketable. It is becoming almost a survival skill.

“There is always something new to learn” Tony Bennett, Just Getting Started, author at 90

A Reading Foundation

Why Reading?
Because reading is the foundation for life-long learning which is essential in navigating life and career. Our reading effort is to provide interesting reading material with a purpose. The reading materials appeal to a reader’s curiosity that encourage more reading.

3LC Services

Our services include seminars, keynote presentations and consulting support on a variety of topics related to lifelong learning for the betterment of individuals and organizations.

You Can't Make this up!

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3LC Resources

Our resources include interesting reading materials designed to motivate youth and adults to read.

You Know America Series
The You Know America Series uses the names of American cities to encourage youth and adults to read. And, it’s a fun way to learn American history! The three-book series numerous lists of American cities in a wide assortment of categories such as Rocks, Flowers, Sports, Foreign countries and many, many more. Trivia questions and original artwork complement the unique and interesting content. The books are inter-related to each other and develop interest in reading.

Think you know america

now you know america

Odd and interesting Stories of American Cities. Illustrated by Patrick J. O'Connor

america period

More Odd and Interesting Stories of American Cities. Illustrated by Patrick J. O'Connor

Meet Me at Ray’s
Meet Me at Ray’s continues the approach of preparing interesting and different reading material. The book features 200 stories and memories on customers and employees who love Ray’s Place; a restaurant/tavern institution on Kent, Ohio for almost 80 years...[more]

Visit the Ray's Place website

Purchase Meet Me at Ray's

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled (RLT) is a feature story appearing in aroundKent Magazine. The feature describes the paths interesting people have taken to do the interesting work they do. Each RLT provides interesting and inspiring insight for navigating life and career.


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