Seminars are two to three hours and include application activities to bring the concepts to life. Each seminar is designed and tailored to meet specific individual and/or organizational needs. A sample of the topics are:

Reading is the Problem and the Solution – background information on why reading is such a problem in our society and how it can be addressed.

The Power of Perception – understanding how perceptions are formed and the critical role they play in all aspects of life.

The Road Less Traveled – stories of the paths successful people took to achieve success. Excellent information and exercises to assist participants in navigating careers and life.

The Encore Retirement Lifestyle – a process for maximizing the value of the retirement experience.

We’re All Gardeners – Gardening has many similarities to working with people and developing meaningful relationship in personal and professional settings. Participants are engaged in exercises to develop quality personal and business relationships.

College and Career Ready – young people st a sense for what it takes to prepare for life after high school and/or college.

Engaging the Adult Learner – this is a three-part seminar series designed for adult workforce educators. The seminars are inter-related and include numerous hands-on activities to engage participants. The titles are Engaging the Adult Leaner, Teaching Millennial Learners and Life-Long Learning Lasts.