We can provide keynote presentations for your meetings, conferences, banquets and other functions. Our presentations are informative with themes about the importance of learning and growing both personally and professionally. Many participants have found our presentation to be insightful and thought provoking. A sample of the topics are:

Reading is the Problem and the Solution – background information on why reading is such a problem in our society and how it can be addressed.

The Power of Perception – understanding how perceptions are formed and the critical role they play in all aspects of life.

The Road Less Traveled – stories of the paths successful people took to achieve success. Excellent information to navigate careers and life.

The Encore Retirement Lifestyle – a process for maximizing the value of the retirement experience.

We’re All Gardeners – Gardening has many similarities to working with people and developing meaningful relationship in personal and professional settings.

College and Career Ready – young people must have a sense for what it takes to prepare for life after high school and/or college.

The Back Story – background information on the interesting and humorous experiences related to writing books. This presentation features experiences related to writing Meet Me at Rays or the You Know America book series and features classic photos and/or original artwork.